Cloth Finishing

With close to 40 years' experience in cloth painting, our team has a vast experience in this field and our large workshop space enables us to stretch out and paint large scenic drops. 

Our cloth specialists are able to paint stunning theatrical drops on canvas, gauzes, filled cloths, plastics and other soft materials.

As well as painting some extremely large cyclorama cloths, we have also produce many traditional cut cloths for ballet, as well as floor cloths and painted dance floors. We also are able to fit painted cloths to frames and structures when large join free areas are required, and our craftspeople are skilled in sewing and fitting to all sorts of shapes. We also produce the CTS sealed cloth bag supplied with label and handles to keep your valuable painted cloth safe from damage.

Using traditional water colour painting and layering methods we are able to paint large and flexible backdrops that will hang without wrinkles and creases, and be able to be backlit if required.


Painting backdrop cloth at CTS


We have employed numerous techniques over the years to create clouds, street scenes, forests, trees, mountains, marbled effects, images, and copies of famous art works. We have also worked closely with renowned contemporary visual artists to reproduce their work for the stage including work for David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, and William Kentridge.


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